About Us

Origin Story


   Chester was forged in the fires of West Oakland, during the peak of the Bay Area Burning Man Art scene. The original concept sketch was produced on a napkin (see above) by Rebecca Anders, the same artist who went on to create Chester's legendary visage out of motorcycle tires and steel. 

The Builders


Chester's creator/stable boy, Jason “Horse” Anderholm, collaborated with some of Black Rock City’s finest artists, fabricators and mechanics, in the name of dust  and debauchery. The stars of the build (Aaron Scott, Don Cain, and Aaron Dana, above) hailed from Oakland's own Department of Spontaneous Combustion 

A Vision Realized...


After many different approaches to greatness, Chester is the proud bearer of ribcage-rattling sound, blazing nostrils, fiery torches, and a stripper pole that shoots flame 50' into the sky. 

This magnificent beast has been to Burning Man every year since 2011, and has been featured in events like the Golden State Warriors 2018 Championship Parade, the Mad Hatter's Festival, Maker Faire, Carnival, and much more. From large events to small, Chester always brings the heat.

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